Our partners

Designing and delivering residences that stand the test of time is not a solo effort. We’re proud to have formed enduring relationships with industry-leading experts, innovators and creators. Together, we continue to build a beautifully considered future.

Ewert Leaf

Ewert Leaf is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary design firm with experience in all aspects of architecture, interiors, urban design and landscape architecture. Balancing creativity and practicality, the team creates innovative yet pragmatic design solutions that are both contemporary and enduring.


MHN Design Union is an award-winning architectural practice specialising in small- and medium-sized residential projects. Their designs are characterised by confident, modern statements, perfectly tempered by an intimate knowledge of local lifestyle, culture and climate.

Bruce Henderson Architects

Inspired by form and space, light and shadow, colour and texture; Bruce Henderson Architects create beautiful, sustainable buildings of quality and innovation. This, along with functional and financial considerations, ensures practical, viable, better-built environments for the community.

Hecker Guthrie

Co-founded by directors Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, Hecker Guthrie is an award-winning interior-design practice. For 16 years, the firm’s endearing, beautiful spaces have ensured their position as an industry leader both in Australia and overseas.

Lawless and Meyerson

Lawless & Meyerson specialises in creating beautiful spaces for people to live in and enjoy. Each commission is treated individually, collaborating with clients to enrich their experience throughout the design and building process through to completion.

Wyer and co

For over 17 years, Wyer & Co. has been crafting the outdoor areas of Sydney’s finest homes. One of the city’s most sought-after landscape-design firms, their work redefines the art of exterior living, imbuing it with purpose, beauty and imagination.

SJB Black

Working across Australia, Asia and Europe, SJB produce intelligent, feasible, fresh and life-enhancing designs. Integrating sustainability throughout, their optimised urban and design responses emerge from the places they are located and the needs of those they serve.

Lords Group

Lords Group has successfully managed and delivered superior, cost-effective projects for Australia’s leading property and commercial-construction organisations. Committed to providing excellence at every level, the firm prides itself on producing buildings of the highest quality and performance.

Bates Smart

Bates Smart is a multi-disciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design, urban planning and strategic services; approaching every project with transformative thinking that produces uniquely conceived, affirmative, beautiful designs for each client.

Lawton Hurley

Established in 1997, Lawton Hurley is a design-based architectural practice working across all aspects of residential, commercial and retail projects. With a high level of expertise and service, they provide innovative solutions tailored to each individual venture.


Neoscape is a dynamic, solutions-focused project management company. Founded in 2013, Neoscape has delivered over 25 years’ combined experience in construction, development management and project delivery by its directors and people with superlative results.

FDG Website Cobild_logo_BLACK

Big-picture construction specialists with an eye for detail, Cobild’s craftsmanship and creative problem-solving practices are second-to-none. Their vision and expertise has made them the builder of choice for some of Melbourne’s most respected developers, architects and designers.


TTW has been designing buildings throughout Asia-Pacific for over 60 years. A team of leading consulting engineers, TTW partners with architects, builders and project managers to realise the most complex projects, and produce innovative, efficient and elegant designs.

GSA Planning

GSA Planning has been involved in a broad range of projects spanning over 20 years. Their highly sought-after team of planners, urban designers, architects and traffic engineers provides a ‘one-stop’ consultancy on a wide range of expertise.

Wood and Grieve Engineer

Founded in 1961, WGE has grown to become a major national firm with over 500 staff. The multi-award-winning company provides a broad range of engineering services to a variety of building, land development and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.